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Dear all,

After we all experienced the forces of nature on us, we slowly return to our routines. We must always remind ourselves to calm down and slow down and so far in 2020 this has certainly been the case. For me, yoga is a way of doing that, returning to my daily practice brings me peace and makes me feel good.

Because Corona obliges us to keep more physical distance from each other, I have reserved the Kouterslag Sportshall in Melle for next season. I start with two lessons which you can book online:

  1. Every Tuesday morning: 10:30 – 11:20
  2. Every Wednesday evening: 21:00 – 21:50

In addition, I would also like to start a new routine, for that I invite you to an online morning meditation session. Morning-meditation is something we all plan to do, but never get around to it, now is the time to change that. In the week of September 7 – 11 I organize a free online meditation session every morning from 06:40 – 7:00 on zoom. You can register for this on my website.

And did you know that you can now also join me for small sessions of 3-5 minutes on Instagram and Facebook?

See you soon,
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Yoga Classes in Melle

Maintain Yourself

Join the weekly classes at the Kouterslag Sportshall in Melle. The classes are personal, you can benefit from a more relaxed environment in which you feel able to ask questions.

Antastha Yatra

A 10-Day Yoga Process

Together with Yogalife, Shweta goes to Goa, India twice a year to guide people in a 10-day Yoga Process. This presents a unique opportunity to undertake your deepest journey into Yoga and yourself.

Teacher Trainings

At Yogalife

Together with Yogalife, Shweta teaches you to become a Yoga teacher yourself. Yogalife (RYS 200) offers Yoga Alliance registered Teacher Training Courses (TTC) in many locations all over the world.


Yoga Classes in Melle

Hatha Yoga

Shweta teaches Hatha Yoga, this term refers to any type of yoga that teaches physical postures. Hatha is endlessly adaptable to each student’s needs. For that reason, it can be a hard workout as well as a gentle introduction to the most basic yoga postures. You will end up leaving the class feeling longer, looser, and more relaxed.


Tuesday 10:30 – 11:20
Wednesday 21:00 – 21:50


Kouterslag 1A
9090 Melle

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Yoga in the Office?


Stress at work, every day?

Staring at your computer, demanding deadlines, repetitive work,… Such pressure brings people from around the world to the yoga classes. But what if you cannot go to the yoga-classes because of your busy schedule?

Introduce yoga to your employees/colleagues?

Yoga met Shweta can provide yoga classes at your workplace or invites employees at her studio. Shweta is there to strengthen their body and mind and improve the focus.

Transform tension and fatigue?

Progressive companies around the world choose corporate yoga. Companies are getting smarter by offering a yoga program to their employees. Yoga met Shweta offers you a package so your employees can continue to work energetic, happy and healthy.

Cope with the pressures work!

Whether you are a banker, a project manager, a rock star, a line worker or a politician, we can help improve your work. With our service your employees will leave the class with a fresh mind and able to cope with the pressures of today’s work.

About Shweta

My Story

I grew up in India, where yoga was part of my every-day life. I am the youngest of 5 children, of which 4 are yoga teachers. As such I have followed regular yoga discourses, led by guru’s from all over India. As a young adult I was initiated into yoga by my Guru Swami Niranjanananda.

In 2011 I did my yoga teachers training course from Yogalife in the inspiring surrounding of Dharamsala. Since then I have been teaching classes in New Delhi and Belgium. Since 2012 I am teacher at the Yogalife TTCs.

I am the mother of Kalki & Kyara and the wife of Geert. Together we live in Melle, Belgium.


What The Students Say

Shweta’s yoga lessons inspire me every day in my daily yoga routine and beyond. I much appreciate the small classes of max. 8 people and Shweta’s way of coaching everyone according to her or his individual needs. Her calm personality, wisdom and knowledge of the body make her the best yoga teacher I have ever had.
Griet De Geyter

Having grown up in a family of yogis in India, Shweta lives and breathes yoga. I am a digital artist who spends long hours in front of the computer. I have done this all my life but in middle age I notice that it has started to take its toll on my body. So mid-2015, I started doing yoga with Shweta and now I can’t live without it. Her classes are always uplifting. The impact goes deeper than just the physical. Not only is my posture improved but also my focus and awareness of my body.
Catherine Nelson

Yoga met Shweta strikes the perfect balance between advancing in yoga and relaxing mind & body. I really enjoy her personal approach, support, guidance and corrections allowing me to develop further with yoga.
Elide Sonck

I was looking for a good yoga class for sometime. It’s a relaxing journey she takes you away to discover more yourself, feel better… Shweta is a great and unique yoga teacher.
Sylwia Lisek


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