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Join Shweta in her Yoga Classes, Yoga Therapy sessions or Yoga Teacher Training Courses that will help you connect to your self.

Yoga & Therapy

Yoga Classes

Join Shweta on Wednesday evening in Kouterslag, Melle for a group yoga class. You can also contact Shweta for private yoga sessions.

Yoga Therapy

Do you have to deal with a lot of stress? Are you having sleep issues or is your shoulder, neck or back stuck? Shweta can help you during a series of yoga therapy sessions.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Together with Yogalife, Shweta teaches you to become a Yoga teacher yourself. Yogalife (RYS 200) offers Yoga Alliance registered Teacher Training Courses (TTC) in Gent, Brussels, Luxembourg, Köln, Geneva, Ibiza and Zurich.

Upcoming Yoga Classes


"Faith and religion are two separate things. One should unfollow the religion if it does not serve him any more but stay with faith because that is a life force."

Live With Your Heart

"When you see an accident, your instinct makes you jump to help. But it’s just a matter of a second before practicality comes in and your head takes over. Allow yourself to live more with your heart."

Listen To Me

"Dear Thought why were you born?You kept me awake,⠀You excited me,⠀You gave me a good path to take,⠀You gave me fear and doubt,⠀You came to me again and again.⠀Without my permission you danced around my head.⠀Dear Thought can you start to listen to me?⠀...or just go...


"My silence is my strength, my speech is me learning from the silence."

The Point

"We want others to look through our point of view. But in the end, if everyone will have the same point of view, then what’s the point."

Suitable to Society

"Just because the truth is not suitable to society. Many a time, lies are made normal by us."

Locked Away

"Grief, anger, and frustration are the emotions that are locked away, then why do they exist? Create space for those emotions. Let yourself find a space where you can just be."


"Self understanding is great but self misunderstanding is difficult to figure out."


"Acknowledge your discomfort."


"The ego always stays besides us, we don’t always have to satisfy it"

Yoga Nidra Course

Yoga Nidra is a form of Yoga focused on creating clarity in your mind. This course gives you direction in your life and a way to pursue your life goals. It is a systematic approach to lead you, to connect with your subconscious and unconscious mind.

Follow Shweta in this course which takes place in Köln, Germany.

Take Your First Class for Free

You don’t need to be flexible to start a yoga journey. The flexibility of body and mind will gradually come with Yoga classes. The most important step is to get out of your comfort zone and get started. See you on the mat in Kouterslag, Melle?

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