Yoga Therapy

A yoga therapy session is a private session between you and me. I use the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophies to guide you. Together we will implement yoga into your daily life, on and off the mat.

Find Peace of Mind

Stress means you are trying to be someone else or you’re trying to be somewhere else. Resting means you have arrived, just let the joy fill you.


We don’t give enough importance to sleep. It’s time to pay attention to it. You can treat your sleep problems with a few private sessions with me.


If you’re looking for a connection to yourself or to your peers, but you feel lost in this. Yoga therapy can help you discover your relationships.

Weight Loss or Gain

If are overweight or underweight, we will dig into the root cause of the problem. We mostly relate weight gain or loss to eating habits, but it’s a lot more than that. Our emotions and upbringing also have an impact on our weight.

Neck and Shoulder

Are you suffering from pain in the neck and shoulder due to long hours in front of the screen? Yoga therapy can help you release tension and regain your flexibility and pain-free existence.

Memory Related Issues

We often give up to fast on solving these, but Yoga’s ancient science has answers for healing brain injuries and creating a better memory.

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What is Yoga Therapy?

It sounds vague to say yoga is a lifestyle because modern society narrowed yoga to Asana classes (postures). But when one starts to study and go deeper into Yoga, you realize it is a vast ocean of knowledge. Yoga talks about our physical, mental, and materialistic,… being. It also discusses our connections to the self and the world. Yoga covers all aspects of human life, but in recent years yoga has been simplified to be able to market it. We will use yoga therapy as a method to implement yoga in our life on and off the mat.

With all the new technology and lifestyle, It is crucial to use the accent wisdom in our lives.

What should I expect from a typical yoga therapy session?

We will discuss the challenges you are dealing with in life. We will look into your daily routine and lifestyle habits.

Each session will include conversation, asana’s, guided meditation etc.

We will practice together and you will also get a routine to follow at home. 

What is the goal of yoga therapy?

Find mental and physical balance in life.

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